Former CU Portland students

Concordia University, St Paul (CSP), located in Minneapolis, MN, hosts transcripts for ALL Concordia Portland students. Students who completed coursework and/or degrees at Concordia Portland prior to its closing in Spring 2020 should order transcripts through CSP, using the following links:

Concordia University, Nebraska (CUNE) is the Teach-Out institution for Concordia University Portland’s Master of Education programs following CU Portland’s closing.

Students who were NOT part of the Teach-Out program at CUNE should order transcripts from Concordia, St. Paul. (See the links above)

If you did participate in the Teach-Out program through CUNE, please follow the ordering information for CUNE transcripts on the previous page.

Please note: CUNE transcripts will include work done through CUNE and degrees granted by us. Our transcripts will summarize, but not show detail of, CU Portland courses. If you did participate in the Teach-Out program, and the recipient of your transcript needs detail of all your coursework from both universities, you will need to order transcripts from both CUNE and CU Portland.