Transcript Account Changes

Concordia Nebraska no longer logs you in to the transcript ordering site using your Concordia username and password.

If the last time you ordered a transcript was prior to Feb 2020, and you used single-sign-on follow the instructions below.

Otherwise, go here and either:

  1. create a new account, or
  2. log in to the account you previously created.

If the last time you ordered a transcript was using Single-Sign-On and was prior to Feb 2020, here is what you need to do:

  1. Send an email to with this subject: “Change transcript account”. Please do this from your account.
  2. We will make some changes in your account and reply to you when we are done. This will happen within one business day.
  3. When you receive the notice from us, start using the link “without a Concordia username“.
    • You will create an account the first time.
    • You will choose your own password.
    • You can use any of your email addresses for that account, including your
  4. From that point on, you will
    1. Use the “without a username” link to log in, and
    2. Control your own transcript ordering account.

Transcripts Ordering Site